PicsArt for Windows PC Free Download

PicsArt for Windows PC: PicsArt is the photo studio for creating more excellent photos with this, you can share Photos with your friends. The photo studio is much like other photo editors such as Photoshop Express and Fresh Paint; It allows you to personalise the photos that taken in your mobile. The reason for using PicsArt it is a stand-out program with the sheer number of options for customising your photos and for editing you can get photos from your phone, or you can import from Facebook. Once you added a photo in PicsArt, you have a lot of various editing options to work, and it has lots different effects to change the feel of the photo you took. There is an option to draw on the image it gives more life for the image, or you can use it for highlighting something in the image. In PicsArt photo studio you can apply effects for your photos and choose the decent range of preset filters, but some of them can be modified. With the collage maker, you can show your powerful editing according to photos taken by you.

PicsArt for Windows

PicsArt for Windows

Comparing to Android the version for Windows are quite less when comparing to Android there are several options and the tools are missing in Windows still. By opening an account in PicsArt site, you can share your image to the other PicsArt user and others can browse and take your photo. It has an option to export your images directly from PicsArt to the Social network like Facebook and other like Tumblr, Dropbox and Flickr.

Features of PicsArt

The salient features of PicsArt for Windows PC

1. PicsArt Photo Studio has different varieties of preset filters, and it has a lot of different effects to change the feel of the image.

2. Photo Studio Editor has lots of editing tools to work on your image, the tools to edit crop, adjust, clone, motion, stretch, perspective adjustment, curves, enhance and tilt shift and the advanced tools of PicsArt make your photo more effective.

3. The options like adding mask, stickers, frames and text will give you an impressive output in the image.

4. You can use clipart in PicsArt that downloaded from the browser, and it has a tool for combining multiple photos into a single one.

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5. PicsArt drawing tool permits you to create the digital illustration by using different customizable brushes.

6. PicsArt collage maker uses different tools like adding background, templates, frames for creating impressive photos that are taken by you.

7. PicsArt’s large gallery helps to find the unique artwork and to discover an artist. The instant sharing option and collage will help you to share your image on a social network or through the mail, and it provides multiple live filters for the camera.

PicsArt for Windows

PicsArt for Windows

Download PicsArt for Windows PC

Click the link below to Download PicsArt for Windows PC

Download PicsArt for Windows PC

PicsArt for Windows PC

PicsArt for Windows PC

How to install PicsArt on Windows

The step by step procedure to Download PicsArt for Windows PC

Step 1: Download PicsArt for Windows PC by clicking the above icon.

Step 2: Double click to run the installer file.

Step 3: Then click next to install PicsArt.

Step 4: Then wait till the file get to install.

Step 5: Once the installation has done, you can experience the features of PicsArt.

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