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GTA 4 Offline Installer is one of the essential mods of GTA 4, the game aims to recreate the whole San Andreas in the newer Rage engine. Download GTA 4 Offline Installer. If you may be the great fan of Grand Theft Auto 4, you will surely love GTA 4, San Andreas and the game it aims to port the epic GTA 4 San Andreas to its Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, i.e. RAGE. GTA 4 is now running as the first game in GTA series by using the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. If you need to run this game on your PC, you must have to install GTA already on your system. The game is also like other applications you can easily install it on your system. The game which offers some access to the users with that you can handle some of the new and advanced features of Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. The advanced features that included with enhanced HD graphics, sound effects, improvised physics with that it has advanced replay among the other features. The game which played in the third person perspective, then the main character of the will explore the massive open-world city. The game featured with both single and multiplayer mode but GTA 4  has a lot of details, and its world is so vast.

Download GTA 4 Offline Installer
Download GTA 4 Offline Installer

In GTA 4 the contain patches with a lot of bugs fixed, crash fixes, graphics fixes with that it has new graphics also. Here there are some fixes has to do with the multiplayer mod and for the video editor. The patches of the game annotate the graphics options menu which includes more parameters such as reflections and shadow quality. So download GTA 4 on your PC and experience the features.

GTA 4 Offline Installer Full Download here

GTA 4 Offline Installer – Specifications

Software Name: GTA 4

Software Author NameRockStar Games

Version: Latest version

License: Freeware

Software Categories: Games

Supporting Operating SystemsWindows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7Windows 8Windows 8.1Windows 10

Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit

Languages: Multiple languages

File Size: 104.32 MB

Features of GTA 4

The salient features of GTA 4 are listed below

Maps: The map of this game is as much big like GTA 5 with that it combined with Red Dead Redemption maps. It has many wonders here you can see all the vehicles and the beautiful scenery in this huge map that requires Xbox 360 and PS3 to install.

Variety of Planes: This is not the first time that the GTA 4 allows the player to fly on the plane but in this latest version the players will considerably find a large collection of planes and helicopters. In that gameplay footage of GTA 4, they can also see the range of the plane in the multiplayer setting of the game which includes military places.

Pick your method: It is same as some world games which will restrict the players to perform some actions with that you can move a long plot. Then the game allows the user to choose that how to pull their mission with that they can make their plans.

Customize cars: The latest version of the game has different customisation option, and the game loaded with a lot of fun, and it will show the way to spend your cash on clothes and cars. The game will allow the user to customise the wheels, paints and more along with some choice of clothes.

Different Games: The game which is packed with other games such as tennis, golf and cycling if you need a rest from violence you can explore those games as a side then make a trip to the tennis court or the golf court just to relax.

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Download GTA 4 Offline Installer

GTA 4 Offline Installer is compatible with all type of Windows Versions, and it is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit users. 

Click here to Download GTA 4 App Offline Installer

Previous Versions of GTA 4

The previous versions of GTA 4 Offline Installer & Download GTA 4 Offline Installer Latest Version here.

  • GTA IV Patch 8 Notes (PC Only)
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox One Update for Backward Compatibility program (Xbox One only)
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Patch 7 — Title Update v. (English) / (Russian) / (Japanese)
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Title Update 1.08 (PS3 Only)
  • Grand Theft Auto IV Title Update 1.07 (PS3 Only)
  • Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City Title Update (“Patch 2”)

How to Download GTA 4 Offline Installer

The step by step procedure to download GTA 4

Step 1: Download GTA 4 by clicking the above icon.

Step 2: Double click to run the installer file.

Download GTA 4 Offline Installer
Download GTA 4 Offline Installer

Step 3: Then click next to install GTA 4

Step 4: Then wait till the file get to install.

Download GTA 4 Offline Installer
Download GTA 4 Offline Installer

Step 5: Once the installation has done, you can experience the features of GTA 4.

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