Kaspersky Offline Installer For Windows PC

Kaspersky Offline Installer:

Kaspersky Offline InstallerKaspersky Offline Installer is an award-winning computer suite antivirus program designed to protect PC from malware. The company named Kaspersky Lab creates the Kaspersky antivirus program. Kaspersky has the features of real-time protection, detection, and removal of viruses, worms, spyware while browsing through internet, adware, trojans, keyloggers, rootkits, malicious tools and auto dialers. It provides instant automatic updates to the users via the “Kaspersky Security Network” service. It helps the users to identify the malware and to reduce the time that takes to provide protection against the new security risks that are targeting your PC. Moreover, Kaspersky Offline Installer prevents itself from being disabled by the malware without user’s permission via password access prompts upon disabling the elements of protection and changing the internal settings. It also scans the incoming messenger traffic, email traffic, automatically disables links to known malware-hosting sites while browsing through the Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Kaspersky Offline Installer has free technical support service and free product upgrades within the paid products.

Kaspersky Offline Installer

Kaspersky Offline Installer

Kaspersky Offline Installer is compatible with all type of Windows versions, and it is available for both 32 Bit and 64 Bit users. The interface of the Kaspersky antivirus contains the main window with four borderless buttons which are aligned horizontally. The four buttons are named as Labeled Scan, Update, Safe Money, and the parental control. These will change color from green to yellow, and then to red if there is an issue with security while scanning the PC. If the security issue occurs, you can click the link to identify the solutions to solve those problems.

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Features of Kaspersky:

The Top Features of Kaspersky Offline Installer are listed below

  • Kaspersky Antivirus helps to protect PC from viruses, trojans, worms, adware and various spyware while browsing the internet.
  • The simple interface of Kaspersky Antivirus helps the users to work with ease.
  • It will disable the links to malware and phishing sites.
  • Kaspersky Antivirus has free technical support service and free product upgrades within the paid products.
  • It will analyze the browser vulnerabilities.

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  • With Kaspersky Offline Installer you can easily access your favorite social media with high confidence because it ensures that you do not receive any malicious software or malicious links from friends.
  • To optimize the performance while browsing on the internet, the Kaspersky Antivirus works behind the scenes and enables the users to accomplish their tasks without any interruption.
  • In Kaspersky Antivirus, Firewalls are designed to prevent intrusion into the computer’s operating system, and it has a two-way firewall which monitors every connection in the network. Users can label the particular network as trusted one so that they can ensure that their traffic is routed without any compromising performance.
Kaspersky Offline Installer

Kaspersky Offline Installer

Download Kaspersky Antivirus Offline Installer:

Click the link below to Download Kaspersky Antivirus Offline Installer

Download Kaspersky Antivirus Offline Installer

How to download Kaspersky Antivirus Offline:

Step by Step procedure to download Kaspersky Antivirus Offline

Step 1: Download Kaspersky Antivirus Offline Installer to your PC by clicking the above icon.

Step 2: Wait for Kaspersky installer file to download on your desktop and once it downloaded, double click and ran the file to open the installer tab.

Step 3: Go through the on-screen instructions and wait for Kaspersky Antivirus to install on your PC.

Step 4: Once it installed, click “Finish” to close the installer tab.

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