Opera Offline Installer for Windows PC

Opera Offline Installer: Opera is a modern browser developed by Opera Software. Opera was the third most popular internet browser in 2013. Opera is a fast, efficient and personalized way of the browser for browsing the web. Opera browser comes with over 1000 extensions, open turbo mode where you can save the data and the discovery feature which helps you to find new contents while browsing. The additional internet features like sending and receiving emails, downloading files via bit torrent and managing contacts are well designed. Opera has some of the advanced features like page zooming, built in download manager and tabbed browsing.

Opera Offline Installer

Opera Offline Installer

Opera has the ability of quicker navigation even when you are in bad connection. Opera has a well-designed security protection such as built-in phishing and malware protection. Moreover, it can remove private data like HTML cookies. The keyboard shortcuts are similar to the other internet browsers. The speed dial interface is very pleasant to use opera. Here is a guide to Opera Offline Installer.

Specifications of Opera Offline Installer

Software Name: Opera

Software Author Name: Opera Software

Version: Latest version 41.0.2353.69

License: Freeware

Software Categories: Browsers, Internet

Supporting Operating SystemsWindows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7Windows 8Windows 8.1Windows 10

Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit

Languages: Multiple languages

File size: 36 Mb (32 Bit), 40 Mb (64 Bit)

Features of Opera

The salient features of Opera are listed below

Opera Account: With Opera account, you can switch devices and pick up the browsing data’s where you left off with Opera Sync.

News: From the browser starter page, you can view the latest news on opera, and you can personalize that news feed which is more relevant to you.

Extensions: Opera Browser Offline Installer has more than 1000 extensions. Those extensions and themes can be downloaded from Opera add-on’s catalog.

Fast Browser: Opera will navigate pages quicker than other browsers even when you are in bad connection.

Battery Saver: With newly introduced “Battery saver feature” you can browse for the longer duration, and it extends the life of the battery by 40%.

Add Blocker: Opera Browser Offline Installer is the first browser where you can block ads without any add-ons. The built-in ad blocker will help you to browse 90% more faster.

Authenticated: Opera is a secured browser; it protects you from fraud and malware on the web.

Themes: Users can install themes to change the appearance of the browser for the attractive look.

Interface: The sleek interface will make the browser more simple to use.

Quick Access: The speed dial and bookmark options are also available at the starter page which helps you to quick access to the sites. Users can use Master password to protect the saved passwords.

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Betternet VPN is free to download, and you can access all functions for free. There is no registration to access the services, and the app is entirely free without any ads.

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The dual display engine of Maxthon recognizes and load older, non-standard pages faster than any other browsers.

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Internet Explorer supports HTML4.01, CSS level 1, level 2 and level 3, HTML 5, XML 1.0 and DOM level 1 with implementation gaps.

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It is very straightforward and easy to use internet browser. It loads the pages fastly and gives what you need and shows you plenty for viewing web pages.

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Download Opera Offline Installer

Opera Offline Installer is compatible with all type of Windows Versions and it is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit users.

Click the link below to Download Opera Offline Installer

Download Opera Offline Installer

Previous Versions of Opera Offline Installer

The previous versions of Opera Offline Installer

  • Opera 46.0.2597.32
  • Opera 46.0.2597.26
  • Opera 45.0.2552.898
  • Opera 45.0.2552.888
  • Opera 45.0.2552.881
  • Opera 45.0.2552.812
  • Opera 45.0.2552.635
  • Opera 44.0.2510.857
  • Opera 44.0.2510.1449
  • Opera 44.0.2510.1218
  • Opera 44.0.2510.1159
  • Opera 43.0.2442.991
  • Opera 43.0.2442.806
  • Opera 43.0.2442.1144
  • Opera 42.0.2393.94
  • Opera 42.0.2393.85
  • Opera 42.0.2393.517
  • Opera 42.0.2393.351
  • Opera 42.0.2393.137
  • Opera 41.0.2353.69
  • Opera 41.0.2353.56
  • Opera 41.0.2353.46
  • Opera 40.0.2308.90

How to Download Opera Offline

Here is a simple step by step procedure to Download Opera Offline Installer

Step 1: Download Opera to your PC by clicking the above icon.

Step 2: Wait until the installer file downloads. Once it downloaded, double click and ran the installer file.

Opera Offline Installer

Opera Offline Installer

Step 3: Then go through the on screen instructions and wait for Opera to install on your PC.

Opera Offline Installer

Opera Offline Installer

Step 4: Within few minutes opera will be installed on your PC.

Opera Offline Installer

Opera Offline Installer

Step 5: And then you can use Opera for most advanced and secure browsing experience.

Opera Offline Installer

Opera Offline Installer

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Overall opera is a totally free software for your PC and it is a simple browser to use. Thanks for reading the post. If you have any comments or questions about Opera Offline Installer please comment below!

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