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PhotoScape for Windows PC: PhotoScape is a graphics editing program, developed by MOOII Tech, Korea. The basic concept of PhotoScape is to allow the users to easily edit photographs taken from their digital cameras or even mobile phones. It provides a simple user interface to perform common photo enhancements including colour adjustment, cutting, resizing, printing and GIF animation. In PhotoScape, English, and Korean been the default languages and the additional language packs are available for download. PhotoScape has the options to clone, crop, sharpen and decolor the image ad also the settings for contrast, levels, vignetting and some other image parameters. Several templates will help to quickly arrange pictures on a page which can be saved as a final image or be indented on paper. PhotoScape for Windows PC is applicable with all type of Windows versions and it is available for both 32bit and 64bit users.

PhotoScape for Windows

Click here to download PhotoScape for Windows PC

Features of PhotoScape

The top features of PhotoScape are listed below

Face Finder: The photo finder will help you to find the related faces through the internet.

Raw converter: It will convert the raw format picture into JPEG format.

Screen capture: The Screen capture will help you to save the monitor screen into a file of the image.

Featured Printer: With Featured Printer, you can Print photos for particular occasions like the passport photo, or lined pages such as a graph, calendar or music paper.

Photo editor: With photo editor, you can enhance and manage colour, add effects, resize and clip-arts to the images.

Photo Viewer: Photo Viewer helps you to browse and organise photos.

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GIF Animation: Make multiple images into the GIF-animated picture.

Photo Batch-Editor: Photo Batch-Editor will help in processing the multiple images at once, rename multiple photos at once.

Page Creator: Page Creator helps you to join multiple photos into a poster-like single page or one final photo.

Color Picker: With the support of colour picker, you pick a colour from screen pixel.

Download PhotoScape for Windows PC

Click the link below to download PhotoScape for Windows

Download PhotoScape for Windows PC

How to install PhotoScape on your PC

Step by step procedure to install PhotoScape on your desktop

Step 1: Download PhotoScape to your PC by clicking the above icon.

Step 2: Double click and run the PhotoScape installer file.

Step 3: Click “I agree-Install” to start the installation process.

PhotoScape for Windows

PhotoScape for Windows

Step 4: Wait for PhotoScape to install on your PC.

PhotoScape for Windows

PhotoScape for Windows

Step 5: Once the installation process is finished, click “Finish” to close the installer tab of PhotoScape.

PhotoScape for Windows

PhotoScape for Windows

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