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Powtoon Offline Installer is the beautiful online SaaS internet application normally Powtoon cannot be downloaded to your desktop. Your creations with Powtoon done only online, but if you are a premium customer you can download your created presentation to desktop and present it offline. They can download it in HD quality for free to the premium customer. Once you load Powtoon on your browser, then it will emerge with the set of existing styles and formats for your presentation or movie. For your video, if you want to add your own image upload it into the server as Imgur.com. Now you can download Powtoon to your PC for free with the full premium version, the portable desktop software used for creating the powerpoint intro editing cartoon with 2D, and 3D animation slide show will do in online presentation editor with powerpoint templates factory,  power points presentation design, music slides developing program software and tools.

Download PowToon Offline Installer
Download PowToon Offline Installer

If you want to attract your audience by a good story, pitch and with the great emotional hook Powtoon will help you. Then it will allow you to gift the ill-treatment animated characters and it introduces the option for storytelling instead of telling the fact, so therefore powerpoint is smarter and more significant.

Specifications of Powtoon Offline Installer

Software Name: Powtoon

Software Author Name: Powtoon

Version: Latest version

License: Freeware

Software Categories: Multimedia

Supporting Operating SystemsWindows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7Windows 8Windows 8.1Windows 10

Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit

Languages: Multiple languages

File size: 15.4 MB

Features of Powtoon

The salient features of Powtoon Offline Installer

Effectiveness and Quality: Powtoon is mainly used by teachers because they create an animated presentation for students. They can use Powtoon as a task for students by asking them to create their animation with that rather than using normal presentation tools they can add audio and video to convey their idea in a better way to the audience.

Flexible Creativity: To improve the student’s creativity they provided the objects in high quality, and it is more flexible for creativity, and it can import images and create a voice for the presentation to make it much better.

Easy to Use: Powtoon is straightforward, and you can create your account very easily, but there is no software is available in web download Powtoon. The beginners can easily learn the operation of Powtoon because it will provide the customized templates to learn and a blank canvas for daring.

Drag and Drop: It is like a normal presentation tool but the output is much more exciting, and the drag and drop option makes the work more simple.

Creative Use of Technology: Powtoon Offline Installer technology used to create an effectively animated presentation by drag and drop features with that they select props and characters, and easy searching of Creative Commons licenced images from Flickr.

Knowledge Growth: Powtoon Offline Installer is still in the Beta form now Powtoon publishing the list of video for the growth of knowledge.

Use in School Environment: Teachers are using the traditional tools for creating the presentation because it can integrate smoothly with the existing curriculum. Powtoon can easily implement by the teachers for presentation and the student assignment.

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Download Powtoon Offline Installer

Powtoon Offline Installer is compatible with all type of Windows Versions and it is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit users. 

Click here to Download Powtoon App Offline Installer

How to install Powtoon Offline

The step by step procedure to download Powtoon

Step 1: Download Powtoon Offline Installer by clicking the above icon.

Step 2: Then double click to run the installer file.

Step 3: Then click next to install Powtoon.

Step 4: Then wait till the file get to install.

Download Powtoon Offline Installer
Download Powtoon Offline Installer

Step 5: Once the installation has done, you can enjoy the features of Powtoon.

Download Powtoon Offline Installer
Download Powtoon Offline Installer

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