Connect 2 for PC Windows Free Download

Connect 2 for PC Windows: The application is developed by Lenovo and is used to connect your mobile and PC together at a time. It will connect your device wirelessly without the use of any network and from this app, you can easily copy photos, videos and documents from one device to another easily. It has a special feature to connect automatically with the device so it can connect immediately. The app mainly used for sharing the files it can share faster than other applications between your PC and Mobile. In the market, Connect 2 is the latest and fastest file sharing app and it holds a new feature called SYNCit. With the help of this SYNCit feature, the user can synchronise immediately with another device without Internet or cables. The Connect 2 for PC Windows can transfer huge files at once easily and fastly. For sharing the files, WiFi should be enabled on both the devices. It can work better on both Windows as well as in Android. Here the main thing is pairing you have paired your device with your PC by QR code, and future it will connect automatically.

Connect 2 for PC Windows

Connect 2 for PC Windows

Lenovo is the famous company for making hardware and other electronic devices like Lap, Mobile and PC. Then they planned to develop software for sharing the file, and in future, it is named as Share it, and now in advance, they developed Connect 2 PC with Share it for sharing the Files. To overcome Zapya, Xenex they developed with the powerful GUI and bug Fixes in this Application.

Features of Connect 2

The salient features of Connect 2 for PC

1. Lenovo developed this application for all operating system like Windows, Android and iOS.

2. There is no need of wire and internet to connect the PC and Mobile for Connect 2 PC.

3. It helps you to transfer a large amount of file in a single moment in full speed.

4. First, you have to pair your PC and Mobile, and after that, if you take the mobile near to the PC it will automatically get connected.

5. With the help of this application, you can share photos, videos to your Phone to PC or between two PCs and in two Phones by the single interface.

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6. The main feature of this application that you can easily delete and copy any files from the paired device.

Download Connect 2 for PC Windows

Click the link below to Download Connect 2 for PC Windows

Download Connect 2 for PC Windows

How to install Connect 2 on PC

The step by step procedure to download Connect 2 for PC Windows

Step 1: Download Connect 2 for PC Windows by clicking the above icon.

Step 2: Double click to run the installer file.

Step 3: Then click next to install Connect 2 for PC.

Connect 2 for PC Windows

Connect 2 for PC Windows

Step 4: Then wait till the file get to install.

Connect 2 for PC Windows

Connect 2 for PC Windows

Step 5: Once the installation has done, you can enjoy the features of Connect 2 for PC.

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