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iTunes Offline Installer is the easiest way to enjoy favourite music, movies, favourite your PC. An Application used to play audio’s, video and to view the images. iTunes can split music, burn recordable discs in audio CD mode or as the data disc with playlists like MP3CD, copy music to compact discs, and synchronize the content with a digital mp3 player. Moreover, it enables users to purchase music from a variety of online stores. iTunes replaced the oldest application feature of audio and video playback. With iTunes Offline Installer we can play, view, and sync the audio and video files to a portable device to enjoy wherever we go or to share with your devices near your home.

Download iTunes Offline Installer
Download iTunes Offline Installer

iTunes Offline Installer is one of the best tools for managing all sort of iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Here you can able to select music by yourself from iTunes that you need to sync with your device with books, movies, TV Shows, podcasts and much more. The main problem with the application is that here you cannot able to plugin quickly on your device and you cannot able to update the music. In the case as soon as you need to sync that means if you want to backup or copying your files from one device to another it is quite easy. Where you can able to easily browse and buy music from the iTunes store, here you can easily find music, podcasts, and video with that you can purchase anything that you want from the app by using the iTunes account. Then by using the subscription, you can able to access over 30 million songs from the Apple music library.

The corporate skin was introduced in Version 8 and Revert was introduced with Version 9. The skins such as Heart, Canvas, Headspace, Goo, and Atomic were removed with the introduction of Version 9. Whereas QuickSilver, 9SeriesDefault, and Compact were removed with the introduction of Version 11. Both Corporate and Revert skins are not deletable. Once the iTunes installed on a computer, it makes it really simple to update to the latest version. So it automatically updated iTunes and remaining Apple software.

iTunes Offline Installer – Specifications

Software Name: iTunes

Software Author Name: Apple Inc

Version: Latest version 12.7.2

License: Freeware

Software Categories: Multimedia

Supporting Operating SystemsWindows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7Windows 8Windows 8.1Windows 10

Os type: 32 Bit, 64 Bit

Languages: Multiple languages

File size: 74.9 Mb (32 Bit), 76.8 Mb (64 Bit)

Features of iTunes Offline

The salient features of iTunes Offline Download are listed below

Interface: Mainly iTunes is for Windows developed with enhanced components and it is the best way to enjoy the music, movies, and TV shows

Personal Music: Your personal music will be on the playground that makes iTunes Offline Installer in the place to enjoy and expand your love of music. It is where you listen to the tracks, artists, and albums you already own.

iTunes Radio: iTunes Radio is to Hear where your music takes you and also has streaming stations that will love from day one like DJ-curated with genre-specific radio stations.

TV Collection: The movie and TV collection you always wished over 85,000 movies and more than 300,000 TV shows to choose from and there will be always something amazing to watch on iTunes.

Personalize Playlist: The application allows the user to create their own playlist in that they can organize their favourite songs as their wish.

Edit and Record: iTunes Offline Installer application allows you to edit your file information with that you can record the files with the  help of Compact Disk (CD)

Copy and Purchase: You can copy your music files to iPod or on other audio player devices. iTunes helps you  purchase all format music files and video files via web browser with that you can download the latest version of  iTunes through web

Graphics: The Visualizer of the application helps you to display all the graphical content and effects at the time of playing music

Related Softwares for iTunes Offline Installer

The Related Softwares for iTunes Offline Installer Download are listed below. Install iTunes Offline.

Download iTunes Offline Installer

iTunes Offline Download is compatible with all type of Windows Versions and it is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit users. 

Click here to Download iTunes Offline Installer

System Requirements for iTunes Offline Installer

Windows Vista (32- and 64-bit)

Windows XP Home or Professional with Service Pack 2 or later (32- and 64-bit)

Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit).

Previous Versions of iTunes Offline Installer

The previous versions of iTunes Offline Installer & Download iTunes Offline Installer Latest Version here.

  • iTunes 12.7.2 – Released: 07 Dec 2017
  • iTunes 12.7.1 – Released: 01 Nov 2017
  • iTunes 12.7.0 -Released: 13 Sep 2017
  • iTunes 12.6.2 -Released: 20 Jul 2017
  • iTunes 12.6.1 – Released: 17 May 2017
  • iTunes 12.6.0 – Released: 22 Mar 2017
  • iTunes 12.5.5 – Released: 24 Jan 2017
  • iTunes 12.5.4 – Released: 14 Dec 2016
  • iTunes 12.5.3 – Released: 02 Nov 2016
  • iTunes 12.5.2 – Released: 31 Oct 2016
  • iTunes 12.5.1 – Released: 14 Sep 2016
  • iTunes 12.4.3 – Released: 02 Aug 2016
  • iTunes 12.4.2 – Released: 19 Jul 2016
  • iTunes 12.4.1 – Released: 03 Jun 2016

Whats New in iTunes Offline Installer Version 12.7.2


  • Fixed all the minor issues for improving the performance of the app.

How to Download iTunes Offline Installer

Step by Step procedure to Download iTunes Offline Installer

Step 1: Download iTunes Offline Installer to your PC by clicking the above icon.

Step 2: Wait for iTunes Installer file to download on PC and once it downloaded, double-click and ran the file to open the installer tab.

Step 3: Then go through the onscreen instructions and wait for iTunes to install on PC.

Download iTunes Offline Installer
Download iTunes Offline Installer

Step 4: Once it installed, click Done or Finish to close the installer tab.

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