Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer for Windows PC

Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer: Microsoft OneNote is a computer program that is used for a free form of information gathering and multiuser collaboration. It helps to gather user’s notes like drawing, screen clippings, and audio commentaries. The notes can be shared with the other OneNote user with the support of Interner or using a network. The OneNote is also available as a part of Microsoft Office in Windows 10. It is a free standalone application for Windows, macOS, Windows Phone, Windows RT, iOS, and Android. And it is the offline version of Microsoft OneNote that provided as a part of OneDrive or Office Online. In OneNote, the user can enter their text by using the keyboard, insert picture and create a table. Though, separate a word processor, in this user can write any were on the virtually unbounded document windows by just clicking there. The user doesn’t want to save their document it will save automatically separately.

Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer

Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer

OneNote saves data in pages created into sections within notebooks. This interface provide an electronic version of a tabbed ring binder, into which the user can quickly make notes and gather stuff from other statements. The notebooks collect, organize, and share possibly unfinished materials- as it compared to the word processor, which typically target publishing in some way. The diversity shows, in particular, Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer and characteristics.

Features of Microsoft OneNote

The top features of OneNote are listed below

Quick Note: If you need to write quickly and throw away record, you just turn on Quick Note. They are separate, and it is a minimal window that acts independently from the OneNote main window. It just used for collecting quick notes.

Page Templates: One of those features you will be using all the time in OneNote that is Page Template. To understand why Page Templates are so impressive, Maybe you’re the minute taker for your office meetings, and you have a particular way you like to take those minutes.

Custom Tags: OneNote that comes with a bunch of cards but you can also create your tag as many Custom Tags you want.

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Internal Links: The fantastic feature of this OneNote is it has an ability to create an internal link or also called as clickable links that will take you to to the another notebook, section, and pages. By using this, you can find your larger notebooks nad more notes you have.

Quick Access Toolbar:  These give up the Quick Access Toolbar, and the best part is that you can easily customize which buttons show up on it. All from of tagging notes and inserting meeting details, from changing font sizes to removing all formatting.

Docked Note-Taking: In short, you can dock OneNote to any side of the screen, which blocks all other windows from overlapping.

Version History: The last feature worth highlighting is the ability to view any note’s complete Version History.

Download Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer

Click the link below to download Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer

Download Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer

How to install Microsoft OneNote Offline

Step by step procedure to install Microsoft OneNote Offline

Step 1: Download Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer to your desktop by clicking the above icon.

Step 2: Then double click and run the installer file of Microsoft OneNote.

Step 3: Then wait till Microsoft OneNote get installed.

Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer

Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer

Step 5: Once an installation is done, “Sign in” to use  Microsoft OneNote to store your valuable data.

Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer

Microsoft OneNote Offline Installer

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