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Netflix for Windows PC: Netflix is the application that gives the option to the users to watch the downloaded videos later. It was available only on Android and iOS on last year. Now, these features were moving to your desktop with the additional option that is offline video in your Windows PC app. Same like mobile application it has certain limitations in the downloading section. This offline download option looks very simple in the series of Netflix downloading options, but it is quite interesting when we came to know about the options in it, and it has some Stranger Things, you can download your favourite Star Trek shows and the whole run of Breaking Bad. The new update if this app can be easily shared to other Windows by Windows Store Today, theWindows 10 mobiles or the Xbox One version of this app will get the same update at a time. It is the application that is available for a long time they were really happy to be the partner and also for launching an application for Windows.

Netflix For Windows PC

Netflix For Windows PC

Netflix for Windows PC is the application that is mostly downloaded and used by the users from the Windows store after the launch of Windows 10. That they are very happy to share the features of Netflix for Windows because now it is moving to all of the Windows product like tablets and PC as you can get it easily from the Windows Store. And they are planning to launch a new app for the Windows Mobile in future.

Features of Netflix For Windows PC

The salient features of Netflix For Windows PC

Drop-down box: In this feature, if you enter into the Netflix page you can easily see the row of TV channels and the various movie options on the screen to browse freely. With the help of the drop-down box, you can see different varieties of the movie in that you can browse and select your favourite movie.

Search: It has its search box on the top right corner of this site with the help of that box you can easily select your Movies names that you like, favourite TV shows, actor, director, and it has varieties of for you in the home page.

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TV or Movie Pages: In this Netflix site you move over and check the particular movie or the TV show poster if you want any additional details you check with it like you can get the outline of the program or a movie when it produced and its Maturity level or rating. While clicking the title, you will full details of the program.

Playback: Just make a single click on the new movie or poster to play the video at that time you can use the down scroll bar to forward or to rewind just scroll the scroll bar. If you want to exit the video just click the back button that located on the upper corner of the screen.

Netflix For Windows PC

Netflix For Windows PC

Download Netflix For Windows PC

Click the link below to Download Netflix For Windows PC

Download Netflix For Windows PC

How to Download Netflix For Windows PC

The step by step procedure to Download Netflix For Windows PC

Step 1: Download Netflix by clicking the above icon,

Step 2: Then double click to run the installer file of Netflix.

Step 3: Then click Next to install Netflix.

Step 4: Then wait till the Netflix to get install on your PC.

Step 5: Once the installation has done, you can experience the features of Netflix.

Netflix For Windows PC

Netflix For Windows PC

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